Les Misérables Media List

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Les Mis TV

The BBC has aired various TV adaptations of Les Misérables over time:

  • 1949: The Bishop's Candlesticks. This series was based on a play, which was based on Hugo's novel.
  • 1952: The Bishop's Treasure, a televised play by a different playwright.
  • 1967: BBC produced and aired a 10-part miniseries

Given this history it's exciting that the BBC is producing another miniseries based on Les Misérables!

Besides the numerous BBC showings, TV adaptations have been produced and aired in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, and Vietnam. The US series, The Fugitive, is only loosely based on the book, borrowing elements of Jean Valjean and Javert's dynamic in its characterizations.